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European Leader in Treated Wood Solutions

Carmo Wood is a pioneer company in the development of industrial wood treatment. It offers a wide range of products in the national territory and abroad, in sectors as distinct as agriculture, equestrian world, construction, tourism, leisure, security and telecommunications.

Carmo Wood embarked on a journey through the digital world with Webcomum, and together we developed the Website, Landing Pages for each service, Product Technical Data Sheets and Social Media campaigns and Google Ads.

Client: Carmo Wood

Skills: UX & UI Design, Web Development, Webdesign, SEO, Social Media, Google Ads


Mega Menu de Produtos
Listagem de Produtos
Listagem de Produtos
Escala de cores usada em Carmo Wood

Website Development, Landing Pages & Technical Sheets

Carmo Wood’s website was developed according to the products and services commercialized, in a logic of user experience that provides a pleasant, simple and intuitive navigation.

Through its mega menu, the user can find the products organized by the range and also various contents, such as catalogues and technical sheets.
As a complement to Google ADS and Facebook ADS campaigns, Landing Pages optimized for conversion were developed for each product category.

Exemplos de fichas técnicas
Exemplos de Landing Pages

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Carmo Wood bet on a 360º digital experience with a focus on Digital Marketing! The Social Media strategy includes campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to promote the various product ranges, it also includes Email Marketing campaigns, with custom design for its customers.

Exemplos de Campanhas de Facebook

SEO & Search Engine Optimization

Through various SEO strategies, the website has been optimized and customized for effective search engine listing and maintains top ranking keywords. Constant improvements provide a good user experience on mobile and desktop.

Portatil com dados de SEO

Google Ads Campaigns

The bet in the Digital Marketing strategy was not only through the Social Media campaigns, the Google Ads campaigns have a prominent role in the company’s success. Between Search and Display campaigns, Carmo Wood brings excellence to the Digital World.

Portatil com pagina de exemplo de Ads
Escala de cores usada no branding da Quinta de Santo António
Exemplos de Displays Carmo