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Cetelem is the main trademark of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, an entity of the BNP Paribas group specializing in financing individuals in Europe and the World.

A pioneer in consumer credit and online credit, it is a leader in Europe, offering a complete financing offer to individuals.

Cliente: Cetelem

Skills:Désign Gráfico, Design Editorial

Visite: www.cetelem.pt

Building a brand

Cetelem wanted to make its brand even stronger from the inside out, maintaining the coherence of all its assets. From digital to physical, Webcomum developed several presentations, pieces for Stationers, Flyers, merchandising elements, Cetelem Practical Guide, Report and Accounts, WE and PF.

Irreverence in communication

Who said that Communication couldn’t be irreverent?

Cetelem transforms a complex subject into something simple. The Observer and customer newsletters are proof of that!

In digital terms, Cetelem Magazine presents all the solutions provided by the company and allows you to apply for a 100% Credit online without leaving your home. We maintain branding coherence and adapt the communication style to different media.