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BEEQ Bicycles is the Portuguese Electric Bicycle brand owned by the RTE Group, responsible for producing 1.1 to 1.3 million new bicycles annually that circulate every day throughout Europe.

BEEQ is a young, ambitious, and innovative brand, with e-bikes built to last, designed to impress, and with an affordable price.

Cliente: BEEQ Bicycles

Skills: PPC, Social Media and SEO


A 360º view of BEEQ's Digital Presence.

The approach involved the development and implementation of a multifaceted Digital Marketing Strategy. In addition to PPC campaigns on Google Ads and Meta Ads, there was a significant investment in Organic Acquisition Channels, including a strategic presence on Social Media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), as well as website optimization for Search Engines.

Content Marketing (Social Media Management)

A criação de conteúdos e gestão das redes sociais da BEEQ, incluindo o desenvolvimento de Copywriting e Design de todos os criativos, resultou num aumento da Taxa de Interação nas duas plataformas em 39%.

SEO & Search Engine Optimization

The SEO audit identified crucial optimization opportunities aimed at improving user experience and reducing the bounce rate, as well as increasing organic traffic. A 360º methodology was implemented, covering a Keyword Strategy, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, leading to the positioning of BEEQ's main keywords in the top three Google search results.

Performance Marketing

A PPC strategy was developed and implemented using Google Ads to increase BEEQ's visibility and enhance the E-Commerce Conversion Rate. Additionally, Meta Ads were utilized for Lead Generation to schedule test drives for BEEQ Electric Bicycles.

These initiatives were crucial in achieving BEEQ's objectives, with efficient results aligned with the brand's innovative vision in the electric bicycle market.

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