A Project with International Impact!

"Wines of Portugal", a brand established in 2010, globally promotes the unique quality of Portuguese wines, emphasizing the diversity of its terroirs and grape varieties.

Cliente: Wines of Portugal

Skills: PPC Strategy, Social Media

Website: https://www.winesofportugal.com/

We expanded the digital reach of "Wines of Portugal", highlighting the uniqueness of Portuguese wines on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, across 7 strategic markets.

We craft valuable content that demands technical and specialized care about the wine world. Our approach is tailored, highlighting the complexity, tradition, and innovation of Portuguese wines.

We implemented a paid media strategy, carefully segmenting markets with personalized campaigns. We use sector data and insights to position ads that capture the essence of Portuguese wines, ensuring visibility and direct interaction with specific target audiences across various digital platforms.

The community management for "Wines of Portugal" focuses on active engagement with the audience on social media. This strategy includes promptly and personally responding to messages and comments, deepening the relationship with wine enthusiasts. Additionally, the brand values user-generated content, sharing posts that showcase Portuguese wines, thus broadening reach and visibility.

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