Strengthen the bond with your customers through Email Marketing

Leverage interaction data from your customers to make your communication more targeted.

We create specific audience segments based on user behavior to establish solid relationships. We analyze the data and use segmentation to personalize messages to impact the user at different moments in their journey.

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Don't lump all customers together. Especially not on the same email list.

Our strategic approach ensures personalized and engaging email messages, crafted based on the interests and behaviors of your target audience. Through advanced segmentation, smart automation, and relevant content, we aim for exceptional results.

I want emails that convert

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Email Marketing important?

Email marketing is one of the primary digital marketing strategies. It plays a fundamental role in nurturing communication with your audience. With this tool, you can nurture leads and generate sales, help reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and increase ROI (Return on Investment).

What can an Email Marketing agency do for my company?

Although still undervalued by many companies, Email Marketing is a channel with tremendous potential to unlock customers stuck in the conversion funnel.

At Webcomum, we begin with an audit before developing an email strategy. In the Planning phase, we outline your objectives, define the persona, content strategy, key performance indicators, among other elements. During implementation, we conduct a wide range of tests to identify the most profitable strategy for your business.

What sets Webcomum's Email Marketing services apart?

Webcomum has experience with all Email Marketing platforms, including Mailchimp, E-goi, HubSpot, Mailerlite, among others. Our agency offers everything from email design, strategy creation, implementation, optimization and report generation. We leverage our expertise to help you achieve and exceed revenue and customer retention goals.

Why is email marketing a challenge?

One of the challenges of Email Marketing is getting users to open emails, and the solution is to generate curiosity and interest through the content.

At Webcomum, we ensure that your Email Marketing strategy is tailored to your business, well-structured, and functional, resulting in high open rates, engagement and conversions.

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