Ensure your SMS doesn't go unread.

Create messages that establish immediate connections with your customers.

Reach your potential clients and increase your conversion rate. Make your SMS marketing campaigns highly personalized and relevant, and stand out in your market while increasing customer loyalty.

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Unlock Direct and Personalized Communication through SMS Marketing.

Discover how Webcomum's SMS Marketing instantly reaches your customers. Personalized messages, exclusive offers, and interaction with automated responses. Boost your engagement and results with the power of SMS Marketing. Transform your communication with the target audience.

I want messages that sell

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Webcomum use SMS Marketing as a growth strategy?

Did you know that 66% of people who receive a text message have made a purchase? SMS Marketing is a tool that allows you to communicate directly with your potential customer and helps you to free those who are stuck in critical phases of their buying process.

How can SMS Marketing benefit my business?

The use of SMS Marketing has proven to be the best alternative for many businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

Unlike Social Ads or PPC campaigns, in SMS Marketing, you're not competing with anyone. SMS is accessible, and you don't need to worry about a huge number of competitors.

What sets Webcomum's SMS marketing services apart?

At Webcomum, we don't limit the success of your business. We use and test all digital marketing tools to generate results in the most sustainable way possible for your business. Moreover, we are quick to identify opportunities and even quicker to strategically and promptly take action, allowing you to gain authority in your market and achieve results.

Why is SMS marketing challenging?

SMS Marketing faces similar challenges to other channels, but arguably the biggest hurdle is regulation, as obtaining a user's phone number is sensitive information, and without proper implementation, your brand or business can be penalized. The Webcomum team knows and understands this tool and ensures that we implement it correctly.

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