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Hertz Carros Usados is an excellent service from Hertz Rent-a-car Portugal, which has over 1700 vehicles of different brands, models and segments for sale. The vehicles have a 2-year warranty, an accident-free history and the possibility of a Test Drive for up to 3 days.

Cliente: Hertz Carros Usados

Skills:UX & UI Design, Web Programming, SEO, Digital Marketing, API Integration, Product Information Management

Visite: www.hertzcarrosusados.pt

Web Development, API Integration & Product Information Management

Custom website development, with API integration that promotes the entire fleet system of the website, whether by managing stock, leads or sales. During the creation of the website, advanced product search filter management was implemented, focusing on UI and UX.

Digital Marketing that generates results

In order to consolidate awareness and interaction with the brand, Google Ads campaigns in the Display format were developed for Hertz Carros Usados. They thus stand out from their competitors, creating a greater supply for the existing market.
The conversion of its main objectives, Leads and Sales, was leveraged with the Google Ads PPC campaigns, carrying out Search campaigns that made it possible to respond to the already existing demand.