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A True Adventure

Hertz Ride positions itself as a lifestyle icon: adventurous, passionate and daring. Without looking back and thinking twice, we have committed to the brand where the adventure is the true destiny..

Cliente: Hertz Ride

Skills:Web Design, Website, UI & UX Design, Development, SEO, Digital Marketing

Visite: www.herzride.pt

Web Development & UX

We have developed the Hertz Ride website with a focus on the rider’s User Experience. We were inspired by the adventure of the motorcycle tours and were able to bring to the digital world the experience of traveling to the most known brand destinations. Visit the website and try the Hertz Ride Tours in first hand.


Currently, Hertz Ride has presence in more than 7 countries. Through the use of an integrated and omnichannel strategy, online and offline, the brand has penetrated the markets in a solid and consistent way.

Marketing Performance and Results driven

Following the brand objectives and value proposition, we have created a PPC strategy with the focus on Google Ads campaigns, thus penetrating new markets and consequently reaching out for new potential clients.