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OnWine the Online Boutique of Portuguese Wines

OnWine was born from the partnership between Essência do Vinho and The Fladgate Partnership, with the objective of creating the main platform for the dissemination and commercialization of Portuguese wines online, promoting them at national and European level. Webcomum brings the distinction and elegance of the Portuguese wine market to the digital market through a tailor-made website.

Cliente: Onwine

Skills: UI Design, Desenvolvimento Web, SEO

Visite: https://www.onwine.pt/

Website Development & Web Design

The development of the OnWine website and its new image, are inspired by the refinement and characteristics of the Portuguese wine market. With a clean and elegant design, the wine boutique provides a pleasant browsing experience focused on selling products and instructing the user through related articles about the producers, consumption occasions and harmonization of each wine. The advanced filter system allows you to search for wines through various product categories, prepared for those who are a natural connoisseur and those who are still discovering their preferences. The Backoffice adapts to the particularities of the OnWine online store, namely the integration with SAP and a voucher system.