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Together in DIGITAL

Our mission is to build digital relationships between companies and people.

We are


We are

Full Digital Experience

We’re Web development. We’re design. We’re marketing. We’re Webcomum.
With an unrivaled passion and dedication, we use our skills and professionalism to achieve the goals that you have set.

We are your business partner at all times


Each business is unique. Over the past 15 years we have been acquiring the experience and know-how needed to be a reference company in the Digital area today. For Webcomum, it is important to understand the expectations of customers and lead them to success.

We pay attention to every detail. We use our imagination to go beyond. A set of several unique pieces create a passionate team, dedicated and ambitious. Ours is a perfect mix of experience, expertise and creativity. We overcome ourselves everyday so that this journey through the digital world so it can be a marvelous adventure

Always focused on improving and constantly growing the brands we work with, we are committed to designing complete and effective digital strategies, with the certainty that the result will be a shared victory.



in moments


The Beginning

Webcomum was born out of our CEO, Fernando Félix, dream and his entrepreneurial DNA. We started our journey with 2 employees, with the aim of showing our customers that we can add value to their businesses through digital.


We Grow Together

We arrived in the unbeaten city of Porto and expanded the business areas to respond more effectively to technological developments in the market. We anchor our management practices in unbreakable principles, transmitting our corporate culture to all employees.


Take Off

We win more customers through the communication and trust that we offer. We present innovative and unique digital solutions at all levels, thus bringing the true Full Digital Experience to all customers.


Rebranding - Different image, same Values

A new market positioning requires a new image. To demonstrate what sets us apart - technological innovation, creativity and know-how - nothing better than starting with the cover.


Growth with Innovation

15 Years of Digital Innovation, 15 years of driving results and creating successful partnerships. Now with 35 employees, we know where we are, where we want to go and who accompanies us. 15 Years Together in Digital…

Methodology Webcomum


Our first objective is to collect data that allows us to analyze the market, competition, study the target audience and outline objectives that lead us to create a successful strategy for your business.


Our team is made up of 35 professionals with very different skills and characteristics, and we believe that together we are able to exponentiate your business. Ethics and a sense of responsibility are something that keep up with us throughout our 15 years.


Focus on generating Leads, increasing sales and outlining an integrated strategy among all traffic acquisition channels We have all the resources in house and all our actions are focused on performance based on data analysis, interpreting each metric of your business alongside the client.


In conclusion, without our customers, we would not be in the place we reached today. They make us believe, move on and take on ever greater challenges.