Footwear that makes a difference

Clamp was born in 2013 with the purpose and ambition of innovating the footwear industry. It is 100% Portuguese and its focus is on developing original and distinctive footwear, always placing comfort at the feet of those who wear it.

Client: Clamp

Skills: Desenvolvimento WordPress, SEO


Online Shop

We create an online store tailored to the client with a focus on an intuitive, clear and fast consumer experience, conversion optimization and, consequently, business profitability.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Aligned with Clamp, Webcomum developed a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan focused on increasing brand awareness, nationally and internationally, and online sales.

We relied on graphic design and motion to obtain the essential elements for implementing Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. Alongside this, an analytical model was structured with KPIs that assess growth, revenue and conversion rates, among other factors.

The development of a Pop-Up implemented on the website to sign up for the Newsletter enabled the creation of a solid and assertive database for E-Mail Marketing nurturing campaigns.

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