Training excellent professionals

The CRIAP Institute's main objective is to prepare excellent professionals. It aims to ensure leadership in qualified training in the areas where it operates, by satisfying and exceeding the expectations of its trainees, generating added value for their human development.

Cliente: Instituto CRIAP

Skills: Web Development & Web Design


Custom Website Development & Web Design

The CRIAP Institute provides training to individuals and companies and entrusted Webcomum with the development of two custom-made websites, with the same line of communication and web design. The CRIAP Instituto and CRIAP Business websites have a customized backoffice that adapts to the characteristics of the services provided and integrates the HumanTrain platform.

Website Performance & Advanced Technology

The websites, in addition to being custom-made, were developed with advanced technology to obtain the best performance. The training area provides technical sheets and information about the institution's courses and teachers. The advanced filter system allows automatic scheduling, registration for courses and events in any of the available locations and the issuance of certificates. The use of Algolia technology and the database acceleration system means that pages open in real time regardless of the number of courses, improving the user experience.

Virtual Rooms & Live Streaming

The Business website is aimed at company training, has all the functionalities of the institutional website and provides solutions such as: tailored training areas, Consultancy, Virtual Rooms and Live Streaming.

Responsive website & SEO

The 2 websites were optimized and customized for effective search engine cataloging through SEO techniques. The culmination of all advanced technologies in creating this website makes it responsive on mobile and desktop.

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