Espaço Visual

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The future of the rural world is now! Espaço Visual provides specialized consultancy services and professional training in the agricultural, agro-industrial and rural tourism sectors. With an eye on the future, Webcomum has developed an informative Wordpress website integrated with a Learning and Training Software platform.

Client: Espaço Visual
Skills: UI Design, Wordpress, SEO

Website Development & Web Design

Challenge proposed and met! Espaço Visual needed to integrate Moodle (free learning support software) and the Human Train platform (training software to support the pedagogical process) into its website to fully support its students. Their integration allows for the registration and execution of courses, participation in online events, access to educational materials and other functionalities associated with the services provided.

SEO & Search Engine Optimization

The development of Espaço Visual's website included SEO services and the cataloging of all the website's pages in search engines.

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