Eugénio Campos Jewels

Web Design and Development

Eugénio Campos Jewels is a Portuguese jewelry brand that has been around for over 30 years. Known for its exclusivity and timeless jewelry, its first Online Boutique couldn't better represent the lifestyle the brand breathes and the trends it sets.

Client: Eugénio Campos Jewels
Skills: Web Design, Website, UI & UX Design, Development, SEO, Marketing Digital, Email Marketing, Social Media

UX & UI in detail

Inspired by the unique pieces from Eugénio Campos Jewels, we have created a personalized online store tailored to the brand's loyal customers. Like the jewelry, we excel in design, elegance and the exclusive experience that users gain in the Online Jewelry Boutique.

Performance Marketing

With a Digital Marketing strategy integrated with the brand's values, we develop communication focused on generating results. We carry out PPC campaigns for Google Ads and on the various Social Media platforms.

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