A Corporate Innovation Partnership!

Finpartner is a company specializing in accounting, payroll processing, tax consulting, and management at both national and international levels.

Client: Finpartner
Skills: User Experience, UI Design, Web Development
Visit: https://finpartner.pt/

Website Development

We developed a custom website in WordPress for Finpartner, focusing on an intuitive and fast UX/UI, optimized for conversion throughout the site. The homepage, with its unique design, offers a smooth and responsive navigation experience.

This project enhances Finpartner's online presence, facilitating not only user interaction but also future site management. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, this website is prepared to boost Finpartner's business, reflecting its brand and values in the digital environment.

Private Area

The Finpartner Private Area is a customized intranet, created to provide a secure space for managing personal and professional information.

Each employee has a private login, with access to a dashboard that allows them to update their profile and follow relevant details such as birthdays and company events.

In this private area, a section that encourages task completion with rewards stands out, also facilitating document consultation and contact information search. Additionally, it features a direct channel with the Human Resources department for private communication.

The platform is designed to promote interaction and efficiency in the workplace.

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