Gaia Sport Center

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The Gaia Sport Center, located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, is a health and wellness club established since 1996.

This center offers a wide range of activities, including aqua classes, fitness, indoor cycling, swimming, pilates, functional training, and yoga. The facilities include studios for group classes, a weight room, squash and racketball courts, and a swimming pool.

The focus of Gaia Sport Center is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for its members.

Client: Gaia Sport Center
Skills: UX/UI ; Web Development ; SEO

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An optimized WordPress website, focused on the quality of the user experience. Designed to ensure exceptional performance on both mobile devices and desktops. With an intuitive design and fast loading times, it provides smooth and user-friendly navigation, perfect for all users and members of the Gaia Sport Center.

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