Elegance, Sophistication and Exclusivity

Marcolino has more than 90 years of history and is a benchmark in the world of watchmaking and jewelry in the city of Porto. It combines elegance, sophistication and exclusivity, designing each piece to suit your dreams and expectations, eternalizing every moment. Webcomum developed a tailor-made website and online store, based on Marcolino's values of refinement and authenticity.

Client: Marcolino
Skills: User Experience, UI Design, Desenvolvimento Website, SEO

Website Development & Online Shop

Marcolino entrusted Webcomum with the development of a tailor-made website and personalized online store that would perpetuate the brand's values. With a focus on user experience and SEO best practices, we designed the online store in detail, conveying the refinement of the brand and the products sold. The integration with Whatsapp allows us to bring the relationship closer to the customer, bringing them the magic and dreams of their jewelry with a simple click.

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