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Grupo Health Porto prepares for the Future

Grupo Health Porto was born in 2012 and is currently recognized for its consultancy, management and purchasing services in community pharmacies.

Keeping an eye on the needs of customers, the group’s main focus is to increase the profitability of pharmacies. Equipped with a team of professionals in pharmacy, where each element is a specialist in a certain area, HEALTH PORTO reflects values such as tradition, seriousness, competence, rigor and transparency with the Pharmacies and before the Industry.

Client: Health Porto Group

Skills:Rebranding, UX/UI Design, Web Development, SEO

Visit: www.healthporto.com

Taking its genesis into account, HEALTH PORTO’s identity was designed to be unique, standing out from all the competition, unfolding in a language that represents the brand in its fullness. Waving with a graphic language that is easy to absorb, coherent, consistent, dynamic and explanatory, it includes the basic message in its visual appearance.

Tailor-made Website

Health Porto’s website was tailor-made to make the work easier for pharmacists and have increasingly healthy users. The digital platform is informative, it’s aware of the new trends and allows improvement of the processes, thus reaching their main objectives.

The Website was planned and developed for Mobile-first. This type of development is part of the innovative path Health Porto intends to follow, thus ensuring that the experience is faster and more effective. With a focus on UX, the Website design was outlined for usability and organization of content. In this way, we enrich the user experience by making it more enjoyable.

Reserved area

We ventured out and wanted to go further. We accepted the challenge from Grupo Health Porto and developed a reserved area dedicated to pharmacies and laboratories. Pharmacies can check their performance on a daily basis, the best-selling drugs, among other indicators.

Grupo Health Porto provides each pharmacy with a monthly Marketing plan and offers all the necessary support to be able to communicate effectively with a focus on meeting the objectives proposed by the laboratories. The laboratories can thus see if the pharmacies are achieving these same objectives, thus performing uniform process management.